Safety in the Housing Complex

Residents of the “Montreal” Housing Complex feel safe amidst the megalopolis

Feel Safe

Dwellers of the “Montreal” Housing Complex will feel absolutely safe behind its strong walls. A vast number of carefully developed solutions including a concierge service, CCTV systems, and fire protection guarantee your safety.

CCTV system

The Complex premises is under surveillance 24/7. You can be sure that no stranger will get into your home and your child will always be attended on the territory of the “Montreal” Housing Complex.

Concierge service

A vast number of specialized services including the concierge service take care of the “Montreal” dwellers’ needs.


The Complex is equipped with the latest fire safety systems that meet high standards. Modern sensors make it possible to identify a fire at its incipient stage, to alert residents and the corresponding services while smoke exhaust and fire extinguishing systems minimize all possible risks.