Отримати інформацію по розтермінуванню дуже просто



For the convenience and comfort of our customers, we have created a convenient tool — a chatbot in the Telegram messenger that answers financial questions about rescheduling! To use the bot's services, you need to verify your phone number. In addition to the main functions, at the request of the user, the chatbot can also generate an invoice for payment.



What is in BOT:

  • Give the amount of the monthly payment
  • Put on a sum of stitched scribbles
  • Give the sum of the surplus under the contract
  • Give the amount of penalties
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Multifunctional Space

Life Space will allow you to hold a significant event for residents in a closed circle - a party, birthday, or using the space for conferences and coworking.

Library, home office, lounge area, living room with kitchenette, children's room with changing table - filling the space allows you to hold any event.

Service worthy of your status

A professional concierge service is at the service of residents. There are all pressing issues in his competence - from everyday tasks to personal errands.

Discover new values - use every minute of your time profitably and just enjoy life.

Keeping your calm

Multilevel security system for maximum peace and privacy of residents. A closed area with security, an access control system, a video surveillance system, visiting zones, guests monitoring, innovative fire safety - full control over the territory of the house is provided.

A safe and comfortable environment allows you to unleash potential for your new priorities.