Place for auto

Care about your auto

New value for residents of Montreal House Residential Complex - two-level underground parking in the city center

Parking is equipped with latest video surveillance systems, fire safety, gas control.

Safety and usability

Large space

Gas hazard monitoring

Heating during cold seasons

Clean and well maintained

Fire Safety

CCTV surveillance

Various parking areas for both compact cars and SUVs, as well as large family spaces. There are places with charging stations for electric cars.

Thoughtful space allows you to freely maneuver in the parking lot and easily park your car. In a matter of seconds an elevator from the parking lot will take you to the residential floor of the apartment, bypassing the street.

Underground parking

The life of a modern inhabitant of a metropolis is absolutely inconceivable without a car. Therefore in buying an apartment the availability and quality of parking plays no less important role than the quality of future housing. During the design and construction of the Montreal House residential complex we provided such a comfort option as a closed guarded underground parking for apartment owners. The underground parking is an integral part of ensuring the safety and comfort of the inhabitants of the Montreal House residential complex. The driver, having left the parking area by car, immediately joins city traffic without the need for complicated and dangerous maneuvering around the yard. Returning home, you will not waste time looking for a place for your car. Parking in the Montreal House residential complex will become practically its own apartment for the cars of the residents of the complex. Your car is always under the vigilant supervision of video surveillance systems and the security service of the residential complex. Having planned the parking in the Montreal House residential complex we took into account and applied modern and innovative solutions in the design and organization of convenient city parking lots. High-quality lighting and modern reflective markings of all parking and passage elements, is perfectly visible. It will provide additional convenience when parking. Adequate space and specially calculated geometry of the underground parking will allow a driver of any skill level to easily and freely maneuver in it: the space makes it possible to park easily and safely for both urban small cars and large SUVs. Modern elevator systems in the house connect the parking lot with the apartments. The all-season climate control system in the parking lot creates maximum comfort when using the car: in the summer you sit in the cool interior, and in the winter you do not freeze while the car is warming up and do not dig it out from under the snow blockages.