Underground Parking

Housing Complex with a Parking for Your Car

Dwellers of the “Montreal” Housing Complex do not have to worry about safety of their cars. We have taken care of everything.

Comfort for Car Owners

The underground parking takes superfluous cares off the dwellers' hands

Large space

Gas hazard monitoring

Heating during cold seasons

Clean and well maintained

Fire security

CCTV surveillance

The two-level underground parking of the “Montreal” Housing Complex has spacious sections for parking cars. Its sufficient space makes it easy for to maneuver freely regardless of driving degree of training and experience. The gas hazard monitoring system is an extra benefit of the parking. Besides, the safety of drivers and their passengers is enhanced by CCTV and fire-extinguishing systems. Heating the parking during cold months of the year is a convenient option together with the elevator that connects the parking and the apartments.

Underground Parking

A modern urban dweller cannot imagine his or her life without a car. That is why when buying an apartment, it is equally important to make sure of the quality of the future dwelling as well as of the availability and quality of the parking. When designing the project and implementing it later on, the “Montreal” Housing Complex made provisions for such a comfort option for its dwellers as an underground parking under security surveillance.
The underground parking is an integral part of our providing the dwellers of the “Montreal” Housing Complex with security and comfort. When a driver leaves the parking in his / her car, he / she immediately starts navigating the city traffic without complex and dangerous maneuvering through the yard.
On coming back home, you will not have to waste your time on looking for a spot to park your car. The “Montreal” Housing Complex parking will become a kind of apartment for cars of its dwellers.
Your car will always be under the eagle eye of CCTV systems and the security service of the Complex.
When designing a parking for the “Montreal” Housing Complex modern and groundbreaking solutions concerning engineering and arranging comfortable urban parkings were put forward and applied. High-quality lighting and modern light-reflecting marking of all the elements of the parking and the driveway which is clearly visible will provide extra convenience when parking.
The parking’s sufficient space and its specially calculated geometry make it easy for a driver of any degree of training to maneuver easily and freely here: due to its space, both an urban mini-car and a big offroader can be parked simply and safely.
The modern elevator systems of the house connect the parking and the apartments.
The all-year-round climate control system of the parking makes it extremely comfortable to drive your vehicle: in summer you get into a cool car and in winter you will not get frozen while warming it up, besides, you will not have to dig it out of snow drifts.