Insurance taking into account military risks as a gift for every apartment purchased in Alliance Novobud

In November 2022, Alliance Novobud, in partnership with the insurance company BBS Insurance, was the first on the market to offer clients insurance taking into account war risks for apartments under construction.

Clients responded approvingly to the initiative, and over the past year and a half, several dozen clients of the developer have signed insurance contracts.
This spring, Alliance Novobud, in order to provide clients with even more confidence in the future, announced the possibility of receiving a free* insurance contract taking into account military risks for each apartment, parking space or commercial premises that will be purchased in the developer’s residential complexes in Brovary and Kyiv. The special offer is valid until the end of May 2024 inclusive.

The agreement provides for financial risk insurance, namely: the property interests of the buyer of the property associated with financial losses caused by failure to fulfill obligations under the contract for the purchase and sale of property rights to transfer ownership of these property rights under the purchase and sale agreement.

An insured event is a failure to fulfill obligations by the Developer (seller of the apartment) regarding the transfer of property rights to the ownership of the insured under a contract for the sale of property rights, due to:
• nationalization;
• man-made accident;
• military risks, namely the complete destruction of a property in the event of the use of small arms, grenades and/or as a result of the explosion of artillery shells, mortar mines, rocket ammunition, aerial bombs and warheads, guided and ballistic missiles, except nuclear, biological and chemical weapons;
• fires, explosions, accidents, natural disasters.

More information on the developer’s website and in the sales departments of Alliance Novobud:
Montreal House and Illinsky House - Kiev, st. Ilyinskaya, 22, tel. +38 (044) 344-06-91.

*This refers to the purchase for 1 UAH.