Cast-in-Place Concrete Frame Building is the Future of Ukrainian Cities

The constructing technology has been popular with responsible developers for a long time. It is this technology that makes it possible to build the most modern dwellings without being limited by designs and architectural styles. As a result, the houses are of a high strength and their useful life can exceed a hundred years.

Technology of Cast-in-Place Concrete Frame Building

As the name suggests, the basis for erecting this kind of house is a frame. It is assembled using metal sections (reinforcement bars). A special form, encasement, is raised around this frame, and concrete is poured inside. This way major strings of the future building appear. If necessary, supplementary strings are erected the same way. The quality of construction materials (both concrete and bars) as well as integrity of the process are very important for building. The integrity presupposes, for instance, not only filling the encasement with concrete but also ramming it with the help of vibration machines. As soon as the strings are “stabilized”, i.e. the concrete has solidified, a jointless floor deck is built. Its technology is similar to that of strings – frame / encasement / concrete; yet, covering is horizontal here. Then everything goes over and over again for each of the storeys.

In other words, cast-in-place concrete frame building looks like this:

  1. a solid footing of the building is created;
  2. a reinforcement bars frame for major strings of the first storey is assembled; it is surrounded by an encasement;
  3. ready-mix concrete is poured inside the encasement; it is rammed with vibration machines; supplementary strings are erected the same way (if necessary);
  4. on concrete “curing” the encasement is dismantled; the frame and encasement for the floor deck are erected; the latter is also covered with concrete;
  5. on the first storey being ready, all the cast-in-place concrete frame procedures are repeated for the next storey; this way, storey by storey, the whole building can be erected.

When the framework of the building has been completed, filling in the space between the strings (external walls) starts. Here, a lot depends on the type of building and its architects’ imagination. Traditionally, foam concrete blocks and other block solutions are used with economy-type variants. Bricks are used for more expensive buildings. Also, there are unconventional options, full glazing, for example. Façade finishing is the final stage of building a house. Here, various solutions can be put forward, too, from commonplace plastering to natural stone.


Unique Features of Building “Montreal” Housing Complex

Cast-in-place concrete frame building makes it possible to erect a solid dwelling of a high strength. In the “Montreal” Complex, the technology which is one of the most advanced in the modern urban development is reinforced by high quality materials applied. Much attention is paid to metal sections and to walls. Stone and glass are also among the basic elements. The construction materials used are certified and eco-friendly.

We cannot but mention the following advantages:

  • a bigger size of apartments as the building has greater spacing;
  • economizing on repairs due to even joint-free walls and ceilings (that means a minimal investment in finishwork);
  • high energy performance of the building (also provided by the “joint-free” construction) and a possibility of spending reasonable money on municipal services in the future;
  • a long life of the building and its strength, weather and enhanced fire resistance.

Definitely, you can get more details about innovations in urban development from the Project managers.


When the Decision is Taken

If you are interested in cast-in-place concrete frame building and in the advantages of the technology, it would be logical to turn to the Sales Department of the “Montreal” Housing Complex in search for your new dwelling. Here you will be advised on particular characteristics and unique features of the complex under construction and will be shown all the approval documents. You can get information on the Sales Department hare

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