The art project "The House of Our Power" with the participation of future residents of Montreal House was created in Alliance Novobud

This spring Alliance Novobud created several photo projects filmed at the developer's construction sites in the capital. The first two were dedicated to spring, women, native people of Kiev and Podil. A new creative photo project was dedicated to the future residents of Montreal House, being built in the business center of the capital, near the Church of St. Nicholas.

According to the idea of the authors of the project, the photographs captured the unforgettable moments of the stay of future residents in the house that is still under construction. For most of the heroes of the project, this was the first time. The photographer Sergey Kustov, who is distinguished by his own extraordinary style of photography, was involved in the implementation of the photo project. Most of the works of Sergei — black and white photographs in the genre of documentary photography. The photoset with the future residents of Montreal House was no exception. The master managed to capture and show the moments of the first impressions of the location, which in the future will become the new home of the heroes: here is the contemplation of the heroes of amazing landscapes opening from the windows of the apartments and the first impressions of the majesty of the lobby, which will have a 9-meter height and a horseshoe-shaped driveway, as in hotel Hilton Kyiv, and the feeling of confidence in the result that arises while observing the work of builders, etc.

Heroes of the art project "The House of Our Power" — people who are in love with Kyiv and cannot imagine their life without the capital's rhythm and opportunities. They deliberately chose an apartment in the business heart of the metropolis, understanding all the advantages of such a location and appreciating the trendiness of the architectural solution and the content of the concept of the object.


Valentin and Miroslava, supporters of the central regions of Kyiv, have been living here for a long time and value their infrastructure. The family purchased the apartment as a future family nest for their son.


Andrey, a successful IT specialist who cannot imagine his life without modern technologies and travel. First of all, he appreciates comfort in moving around the city, in particular, convenient access to business locations in the capital.


Ksenia, a dreamy and at the same time pragmatic Kiev resident, for whom not only the location of the house is important, but also the high quality of construction, the infrastructure content of the complex and the five-star concierge service.


«The construction of the premium residential complex Montreal House fell on a difficult long period in the life of the country – first lockdown and pandemic, and later war. We are especially grateful to the clients who have not been afraid to invest in real estate during these turbulent times, as they have been a real inspiration to us. So today we continue to actively build the complex: the walls of the apartments are growing, panoramic glazing of the facades is being installed, communications are being laid, the “crown”, the roof, etc. are being erected. This art project was our compliment to the brave and determined future residents of Montreal House. We do not put an end to this, because over time we plan to organize an exhibition of photographs of the photo project and invite all Montreal House investors to get acquainted. It is possible that these artistic photographs will decorate the public spaces of the — library, lobby», — said Irina Mikhaleva, CMO Alliance Novobud.

The history of the art project was published on the pages of the online publication about the life of the capital "Weekend Kyiv".