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22, Illinska str.

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st. Velyka Vasylkivska, 102 (letter "U") / st. Antonovicha, 83 in the Goloseevsky district of Kyiv

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Montreal House residential complex has a large selection of options for apartments and penthouses with thoughtful and functional layouts


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2-room Type 12

77,34 q. m

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2-room Type 13

88,13 q. m

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2-room Type 11

64,81 q. m

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1-room Type 10

51,33 q. m

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2-room Type 6

66,67 q. m

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Major facts about Montreal House Residential Complex

Modern engineering and architectural solutions for the greatest possible comfort in your new home


Underground parking

A large underground parking with a reliable security system, spacious parking slots and gas hazard monitoring system is a linchpin of your comfort and security in the new house.


Safety of the dwelling

Concierge service, CCTV systems, modern fire safety systems – each solution in the «Montreal House» Residential Complex is subject to your safety and your dwelling safety rules



Dwellers of the «Montreal House» Residential Complex enjoy all the advantages of advanced amenities in the megalopolis’s center


Comfort for Car Owners

  • - Large space;
  • - Gas hazard monitoring;
  • - Heating during cold seasons;
  • - Clean and well maintained;
  • - Fire Safety;
  • - CCTV surveillance.


The capital in full view

To enjoy the view, the windows of your future apartment will open onto, open the panorama.

Montreal House - your new importunities in the center of Kyiv

«Montreal House» is a business class housing complex with a unique architectural concept and its own environment. It is located in the center of cultural and business life, five minutes away from Olympiiska subway station.

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5 minutes away from Olympiiska subway station
and Palats Ukraina subway station

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Megapolis dynamics and and the comfort of a private
residential complex «Montreal House»

Montreal House Residential Complex is a new unique offer of business-class dwelling among new buildings in Kiev in one of the most developed central districts. The architects were inspired by the atmosphere of the Canadian city of Montreal: a new apartment in a complex being built in the central area will welcome a resident of a noisy metropolis with comfort and calm. The apartment in the Montreal House residential complex is your quiet haven in the middle of a fast-paced city. The new complex is integrated into the developed business, cultural and entertainment infrastructure of the center of the capital. This allows an active resident of the metropolis to fully enjoy all the benefits of business and cultural life: your new home in the center of Kiev is within walking distance of two metro stations - Palace Ukraine and Olympic. You can get to the main concert venue of the country and the main sports arena within minutes. The largest shopping malls and business centers of the capital, the best restaurants and concert halls, leading theaters and educational institutions, and large park zones are within a few minutes drive. Returning after a busy business day, you will enjoy the peace, comfort and safety of your residential complex. The upper levels of the residential complex will become a relaxation zone: residents and guests of Montreal will be able to relax on green open terraces. Being in the center of Kiev, Montreal House residential complex at the same time is located away from noisy city highways and crowded places. The protected area of ​​the quarter has its own underground parking, a kindergarten, and a concierge will meet you in the spacious lobby. This will ensure the comfort and safety of your loved ones. You will be proud of your new housing in the city center. Business class apartments in the Montreal House residential complex can rightfully be called the housing of the future: they have implemented advanced and technological innovative solutions. Engineering communications will allow apartment owners to easily connect an ultra-modern "smart home" system, with which you can remotely control devices, regulate the microclimate and take care of the safety of your home. In the construction of buildings, the most advanced technologies in the field of construction are used. The project developer company uses only the best modern materials in its facilities. They are environmentally friendly, of high quality, will bring comfort to the premises and give durability to the structures. The architecture and design of the complex reflect the current global urban trends. The decoration uses natural materials - stone, glass and metal. Each decision during the construction of the Montreal House residential complex in Kiev is subordinated to your comfort: energy efficiency, silence, comfort and safety in the very center of the capital.